Reviews & Endorsements

For: Madanes Strategic Coaching Seminar

“To spend two and a half days learning from Cloe Madanes in such a close, intimate atmosphere is a rare opportunity. There was so much content and the manner in which she taught everything – I’ve been to a lot of conferences and seminars and usually you get tired and drained, but this was so unique, so relaxed and informal, yet formal with structure. She actually modeled how to be a good coach or therapist and you just learn by watching her plus you’re also learning information, which is such a unique style. I’ve never experienced that before. I highly recommend this seminar because she’s obviously the master and she’s so gentle yet truthful about how she helps people and getting to the core of the matter in a very compassionate way. You learn techniques but you also learn the way to talk to people. To learn all this in two and a half days is unbelievable.”

Lalit Chawla, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Canada

“I’m a marriage and family therapist for about 30 years now and I first heard Cloe about 25 years ago. I needed to hear her again for inspiration. I’m ready to transition more into coaching and I don’t have much formal training in coaching. I’ve always respected Cloe’s work so I wanted to learn from the best. It’s been fantastic. The seminar more than met expectations. It’s the group of people that were gathered in addition to Cloe herself. Her teaching style, her authenticity, and making it very relevant by answering questions that were asked and offering more than I would have ever dreamed of. It’s probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made in terms of value. How often can you be in a room with a master and feel like it’s a personal kind of training. It was a nice, intimate group, but it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been to a lot of continuing education seminars over the years. I’m really glad I was able to come. I entirely recommend this seminar.”

Seanne Emerton, LMFT, Life Coach, Life-cycle Consultant, Nebraska

“Cloe is a star. She’s brilliant. You can’t speak with Cloe without gaining insights. She’s the world’s best. Her insights are extraordinary. When you start to meet the people in the seminar you think: Wow! I came to hear one of the world’s greatest coaches and people trainer – insightful woman of wisdom and everyone whose drawn here is drawn because they want to learn from the best. So people came from around the world in a small group and the connections with these people have been really wonderful, special. We’ve done different interesting things together and made cross-connections. It would be really nice to make this an annual event.”

Judith Morrow, MSW, RSW, Wellness Coach, Canada

“Cloe is the world leader in strategic coaching and intervention. The seminar was beyond my expectations. What an opportunity to be in a small group with people from around the world and hear their contributions and share their experiences and perspectives. I realized how universal a lot of the teaching is. If you want to improve your life or contribute as a coach, this seminar is mandatory.”

Jack Walters, RN, Coach, California

“Cloe taught me the quality of simplicity. That there is a way to deal with difficult cases and use simplified techniques. This has been a huge shift in my coaching career. I flew 22 hours to be here and it was definitely worth it. If you want to be one of the best, you need to learn from the best.”

Radek Sefcik, Peak Performance Coach/Strategist, Slovakia

“I am very impressed with Cloe’s wit, with her profound, very different and unique way of working with people. She’s blunt and at the same time she’s very empathetic. Cloe embodies the way I think therapy should be done. She’s so knowledgeable but it’s not the knowledge that comes through. It’s her personality and she’s witty. She’s very strategic but, at the same time, everything is unique about her interventions. Each one is different from the other. She has the element of wit and fun and massive experience. It was a great experience to come here.”

Teresa Pignatelli, Health Consultant, Hypnotherapist, Portugal and Luxembourg

“I expected highly of Cloe because she’s an amazing woman and, even though I had those really high expectations, she really surpassed anything I could possibly have ever imagined. What struck me most was the way she can take really complex issues and make them really simple – the way she shares her wisdom with really heartfelt generosity. Her humor is unbelievable. She makes the experience really fun and she is able to bring together people from all around the world so we learn from our peers as well. So it really has been an extraordinary few days. What stands out most is Cloe’s ability to make things fun and to take the complexity of our humanness and make it so simple and easy to understand so we can implement what we’re learning in our daily lives and also pay that forward in our teaching as coaches. It really was fabulous. When you have the opportunity to learn from the best, then it makes sense to take that opportunity and trust that what you learn is not only something that you can implement into your business but something that you can implement into life every day. You can raise the experience that you’re having of life.”

Lyndsey Baigent, Coach, Australia

“The seminar was amazing. Cloe answered questions that I even didn’t know I had. She has a huge amount of deep knowledge. She’s so able to give it and talks about it in a way that we can relate to it immediately. I could understand everything. Everything she said I could relate to, even if she was describing a situation that was far away from my reality. I got 200% out of this seminar.”

Silvie Alnas, Coach, Hungary and Sweden

“Cloe has such a wealth of knowledge. It’s a wonderful opportunity to spend small group time with Cloe and to listen and be like a sponge to absorb her wisdom and the way she interacts with her clients and in different organizations.”

William Carpenter, Consultant/Trainer, Ohio

“It was amazing. Cloe is the best. She has so much knowledge and she’s so wise. The group of people and what they bring to this experience is just overwhelming, amazing. It’s a great opportunity, the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Susy Dubeau-Castro, Personal Trainer, Fitness and Dance Instructor, Costa Rica and Canada

“Cloe’s event is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It went really fast. Time flies when you’re having fun and we really had a great time. Everyone getting together — sharing advice and getting advice on really the most difficult situations that Cloe can break down into a simple answer that is so obvious and easy to implement. It was amazing how everyone interacted directly with Cloe and with each other in an environment where you could speak your mind and get things answered. You didn’t have to be an expert to get the information and get expert advice. Who you spend time with is going to be the quality of your life, so you want to be around the world’s best people from all nations. There were people from all over the world here – top people working with top athletes and top business people. They’re all in the room so you have this energy that is really one of a kind because a therapeutic venue that crosses with a personal development venue is extraordinary and it seems to be the way of the future and really cutting edge. So if you want to be with the best of the best, I’d say, get your butt down to the next one.”

Ken Keacher, Author/Executive Business Coach, Minnesota

“Everything was amazing. I learned so much but the best part was to see how much knowledge, how much wisdom Cloe has and how powerful, yet how simple she is. She keeps everything simple and that was my highlight. I recommend this seminar a thousand percent because not only what you’re going to get from Cloe but to be around people from different countries and to get all the insights that they have to offer. It’s been to me a life changing event – the most amazing experience in my life.”

Karina Ledesma, Life Coach, Argentina and Texas

“If you’re interested in learning how to help people well and quickly, Cloe is a legend. She’s a great person to learn from.”

Aprilani McIlwraith, Coach, Hawaii

“I enjoyed so much the culture that Cloe created. In three days she developed a community of loving, caring people who were able to share themselves and I’m leaving with a renewed sense of optimism in my life. If you have any indecision about coming to this conference, whether it be expense, not knowing the people, not knowing what’s going to happen, this is a very safe, just brilliant community of people and Cloe can lead in a way that no one else like her can. It was just an awesome, awesome experience.”

Susan Morrow, Couple and Family Coach, North Carolina

For: Strategic Family Therapy

“One of the clearest aspects of Madanes’s work is her creative ability to transform the usual routines of lives into new paths where people can find unusual ways of being. She moves Strategic Therapy away from a group of strategies to a new conceptual whole.”

Salvador Minuchin

“Madanes has done a fine job. Rather than prescribing symptoms or assigning benign reasons to provocative behaviors, she introduces a powerful arsenal of disconcertingly paradoxical directives. Her approach is humane and gentle.”

Library Journal

“Madanes’s lucid, coherent, and practical guide for family therapists goes well beyond the work of her mentors…and is a welcome addition to the proliferating literature by family theorists and practitioners.”

Contemporary Psychology

“In a manner both bold and generous, the author shares her therapeutic skill.”

Family Therapy Networker

“One day a friend handed me a book by a woman named Cloé Madanes and baboom! I found myself reading it voraciously, underlining sentences on almost every page. Here was an approach that, like mine, honored the power of individual commitment and responsibility, and was also an action manual on navigating the paradoxes of interpersonal dynamics. Cloé had incredibly creative solutions to a host of relationship problems. Some of her suggestions were outrageously funny; others were simple and elegant.”

Anthony Robbins, author of Awaken the Giant Within

For: Behind the One-Way Mirror

“Behind the One-Way Mirror takes another giant step in family therapy’s continuing effort to expose people to the benefits of doing what works for them.”

Behavioral Science Book Service

For: Sex, Love, and Violence

“Cloé Madanes has ventured into the complex arena of working with families where there is violence and sexual abuse. She has developed with elegant simplicity a set of guidelines for helping these families heal. Her work embraces the spiritual dimension that must be a part of the healing process in these families. This is a daring work and I am sure it will invite controversy from some, applause from others, and both from many. It is pioneering and innovative.”

Carrell A. Cammann, Ph.D., Director, Open House: A place for Family Healing, Atlanta. President, Georgia Council on Child Abuse.

“Cloé Madanes offers us a collection of stories, essays, and cases about love and about teaching people how to love and to make love. As she explores the dilemma between love and violence, she restores moral values to therapy, but she also stirs up some welcome controversy. By remaining steadfastly systemic, she manages to restore sanity to the frenzied bedlam surrounding sexual abuse. This is a lovely book in which a brilliantly creative therapist courageously leads us through some highly charged territory and makes the treacherous journey both enlightening and optimistic.”

Frank S. Pittman, III, M.D., author of Private Lies and Turning Points.

For: The Therapist as Humanist, Social Activist, and Systemic Thinker…and Other Selected Papers

“Like Cloé Madanes herself, this collection of her writing is refreshingly playful and profoundly wise. In it she explores her un-shakable belief in the power of people to drive one another sane and the power of words to change the world. The unforgettable case histories are often hilarious, as Cloé cuts through the bullshit and embraces the love inside families. We see what makes the ever more charming Madanes perhaps the most inspiring thinker and doer in the field of family therapy.”

Frank Pittman, M.D., Author of Turning Pints, Treatment of Families in Transition and Crisis.

“Cloé Madanes has a unique voice among family therapists. She is the only one among us for whom techniques like ordeals, tasks, unbalancing and pretending commingle with shame, injustice, repentance and reparation. She has worked with the most difficult patients, perpetrators of violence and incest, and has come out with clear sequential steps of intervention committed wholly to the process of healing. This book of her collected papers is a trove of techniques of strategic therapy, written with elegance and clarity. Enjoy it.”

Sal Minuchin, M.D., Former Professor of Child Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania, author of Families and Family Therapy

“To call the pioneering work of Cloé Madanes psychotherapy is to me at best superficial. Psychotherapy is one person helping another to take more effective control of his or her life. Cloé goes far beyond this. She is a humanist, social activist, and systemic thinker who gets actively involved with the basic problem of all human beings: we don’t treat each other humanely. We don’t have nearly the commitment to basic human rights that Cloé believes fervently we should have. As explained in these Selected Papers, Cloé has been on the cutting edge of human rights for her whole career. To work with her, as I have begun to do, is a privilege. I am a better human being because of what I’ve learned from Cloé.”

William Glasser, M.D., Founder and President, William Glasser Institute, author of Warning: Psychiatry Can Be Hazardous to Your Mental Health

“It is always our hope that great minds of our time gather their contributions in an anthology of their best work. Now we have that in this 35-year compendium of the works of Cloé Madanes. From her early years of working with the pioneers of Family Therapy to her tireless efforts with drug addicts, the mentally ill, and juvenile sex offenders, to the more contemporary political issues of psychotherapy, this compendium spans a life of courageous work. This book reflects a labor of love and compassion for the human condition and represents the heart and soul of change – a text that belongs in everyone’s library.”

Frank M. Dattilio, Ph.D., ABPP, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

“Cloé Madanes has been inspiring, cajoling, and challenging us to grow and be better therapists – and better people – with her ideas and methods throughout her remarkable career. With this invaluable collection of many of her most important writings, we are given a concentrated dose of her wisdom and integrity to guide our therapies and our lives. Readers will no doubt be impressed by her range and depth of insight and compassion, and will likely find much to treasure in her words.”

Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, author of Trancework and Breaking the Patterns of Depression

For: Relationship Breakthrough

“We called this book Relationship Breakthrough because most people, at some point, feel stuck in the patterns of their relationships. Whatever your challenges are, this book will bring you to a place of clarity, insight, and results. Cloé has incorporated the best of both of our work and presents a cutting-edge method that makes it easier than ever to create deeply rewarding relationships that will sustain you for life. In Relationship Breakthrough, you’ll learn how you can recapture, rekindle, or deepen love in any intimate relationship. We’ll show you how to communicate with your spouse, children, and others in ways that invigorate and motivate them to take positive action. You’ll also find ways to resolve long-standing persistent conflicts among family members simply by making a change within yourself.”

Tony Robbins, author of Awaken the Giant Within